My First Dollhouse


Hi all,

Ever since I can remember I have had a love of all things miniature.  As a child I read all of the Borrower and Mrs Pepper Pot books, I even made up my own stories about little people who lived in the trees and used walnut shells as boats to sail in puddles.  As a child I loved my hand-crafted dollhouse made for me by my very talented Granded, which has sadly been lost to time.  As an adult I have made and sold bespoke troll dolls and faries which I have loved doing.  I have always wanted a “grown-up” dollhouse and now I finally have one.  I bought it second-hand (including some furniture) and started to renovate it which has now become a bit of an obsession!

I knew that I wanted a Victorian style of house as I have always had a love of this era.  My other great interest is criminology.  I have a Bsc Criminology (Hons) in which my dissertation focused on a moral panic that emerged in the 1840’s due to the increase in women using Arsenic to poison their loved ones for insurance money.  My dissertation used a the case study of Sarah Freeman who was hung for poisioning her bother Charles Diamond.  I decided to comine both of my loves and therefore, there will be nods to Sarah Freeman and Victorian crime in general throughout my creation.  Firstly I decided to make my dollhouse into not just a house, but a doctors surgery and laboratory too.  My Doctor is called Dr Phillips who was, in real life, the surgeon who attended to Charles Diamond whilst he was dying and my laboratory is home to Mr Herapath.  My Herapath was a well known and respected physician from Bristol who determined that there was Arsenic present in Charles Diamonds stomach.  All of the items apart from the table and large cabinet have been handmade by myself.


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