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Firstly, apologies for missing the October post.   We decided to change internet providers which, unfortunately, left us without internet for quite a while.  We received the box only to find out, after trying unsuccessfully to connect to the internet, that they had sent the wrong one!  After a long wait for the right box I still couldn’t connect.  I have now found out that I can connect but only if I am downstairs.  Unfortunately my office is upstairs, so I am now sitting in my front-room with my laptop.  hey-ho, at least I am now connected! 

My pain levels regarding my fibromyalgia have been very up and down. My biggest trigger is stress and the past few weeks have been very stressful.  Unfortunately my son is going through a rather messy custody battle in regards  to his daughter so life has been a bit of a nightmare of late.  However, I have my crochet to keep me de-stressed.  It helps so much as it’s a way that I can just switch off from everything and empty my mind.

I have a few craft fayres booked for November and December so I have been busily making and creating.  I have lots of baby blankets, toys and bags all ready to go and next week I shall be busy making lots of marshmallows.   Hopefully I will get a lot of customers. 

I will post the details of the fayres soon.  I also have a free pattern coming your way so keep an eye out.

Bye for now,

Lucy xx


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