September 2017

Hi All,

Its been a very busy month, I have been spending lots of time getting ready for the Christmas Craft Fairs.  I have been making lots of baby blankets, more animals and some mini-monsters!  I have also been busy Scrapbooking.  I am creating an album for my granddaughter, Lola.  She is the apple of my eye and has loads of crochet toys, blankets etc! 

Lots has been happening this month, not only have I been crocheting and scrapbooking I have also been hard at work in the garden.  It has become overrun with weeds, which I am pleased to say have now gone.  I visited a flower show at Forde Abbey with my mum and came back with loads of flowers which are now in the garden and looking pretty. 

My fibromyalgia has been bad this month with lots of ups and downs.  I find it so hard to combat the tiredness, I can cope with the pain (just) but being tired all of the time is hard going.  Hey-ho, I am on the med and looking forward to a nice break in Spain in October.  I am now in the process of creating some crochet bags (photos to follow) so will be taking my crochet stash to Spain with me.

Love Lucy xxx

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